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Daniel Hulme
Daniel Hulme

Home delivery vehicle routing

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Daniel Hulme
Daniel Hulme

"We developed a system that increased customer choice and delivery capacity."

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Client: UK retailer

100 +

delivery vans


shipping depots

1K +

deliveries each day

500K +

home delivery customers

Our expertise


Inefficient routing meant that delivery vans were travelling excess miles every day, and losing time waiting to drop off items during customer’s chosen delivery windows. Meanwhile, the choice of delivery times available to customers was often very low during peak periods, an issue compounded by cancellations made close to the dispatch date.


The optimisation component of our solution meshed the delivery capacities of the individual depots and coordinated routes between them to reduce idle time and eliminate unnecessary mileage. This resulted in increased customer choice and the ability to fit more deliveries into the same working hours with the same number of vehicles.



reduction in idle time between drop offs


additional home delivery capacity


more delivery windows available during peak times

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Daniel Hulme

Daniel Hulme

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Daniel Hulme
Daniel Hulme

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