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Last-mile Vehicle Routing. Optimised.

Supply chains are complex, expensive and full of inefficiencies. There are 620,448,401,733,239,000,000,000 possible routes between 24 locations. Searching through all of those possibilities, it would take a computer 2 trillion years to find the optimal route. And that doesn't include the complexity of shift patterns, vehicle capacities or any other real-world constraints. Solving this manually is hopeless, and using generic, off-the-shelf systems isn’t much better.

Optimise the routes and schedules of any vehicle fleet.Our clients claim Satalia Delivery is the best last-mile delivery solution in the world.

Improved efficiency.

11.2 million miles saved

Reduce your costs and increase your revenue by using your drivers and vehicles more efficiently.

Employee satisfaction.

19% reduction in overtime

Reduce administration for operators and customer service teams. Minimise unforeseen overtime for drivers.

Happier customers.

8% increase in NPS

Increase net promotor score by offering customers a greater choice of more reliable time slots.

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We build custom machine learning modules that enhance data quality, support decision making and further increase the schedules efficiency.

Time-at-door analysis

Uses product, telematics and building data to predict accurate time-at-door. Improves schedule efficiency.

Shift Pattern Optimisation

Predicts shift patterns that better match supply with demand. Improves employee effectiveness and satisfaction.

Demand Forecasting

Uses historical data to predict demand for any given location. Enables improved pricing and resourcing decisions.

Slot Cost Prediction

Uses environmental data sources to predict future demand so to accurately calculate slot costs and drive customer behaviour.

Supplier Reliability

Better predicts when products will enter the warehouse. Used to optimise throughput and onward distribution.

Real Time Tracking

Uses real-time route information to enable adaptive machine learning to compare actual versus planned trips. Improves compliance and decision-making.

How it works?

We have two different engagement models, depending on the size and complexity of your supply chain problem.

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Custom components

We meet with various stakeholders to understand your objectives, rules, constraints and other moving parts. Then we customise our core components, or build new functionality to solve 100% of your problem. This typically suits larger, more complex operations.

Saas product

Usable immediately as an off-the-shelf solution. Teams can setup and manage their operation directly via our set of interfaces, or through their existing systems via our API. This typically suits the smaller, less complex operations.

Optimise your delivery

Enter details about your vehicle fleet and orders, and watch as Satalia optimises the deliveries to create the most efficient schedule.

Please contact us if you are not based in the UK and would like to use this demo.

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