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Daniel Hulme
Daniel Hulme

We empower talent to create innovations

Our ethos

We believe that solving the world's hardest problems requires a culture of autonomy and openness. In recent years we have fundamentally redesigned our organisation to maximise people's freedom and happiness at work. We continue to experiment and improve every day.

Our approach


We love people and hate politics

By caring for one another's wellbeing we increase our relatedness and reduce the inefficiencies of company politics.


We improve collaboratively

Our expertise is cultivated as much through the concerted and sustained efforts of our teams, as it is through our individual progression.


We learn quickly and iterate

Problem solving is most effective when we use lean thinking and agile methods to innovate, measure and iterate our way to solutions.

Our practices

Self organisation

We have adopted a self-organising company structure in which strategic objectives are agreed deliberatively and inclusively, and where people have autonomy over how to achieve them.

Open information

Within the bounds of confidentiality we make all documents, data and insights accessible to our entire organisation, while our default practice is to share with the widest relevant audience.

Decentralised decisions

Anyone is free to make any decision in our organisation, providing they feel they have sought the right knowledge and expertise. Likewise, anyone is free to weigh in on a decision regardless of their role.

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