Custom made artificial intelligence, for everyone

Underlying our custom made solutions sits our proprietary technology. By making those technologies easily accessible,
we maximise the impact of our expertise.

When we build products...

The recipe for building problem solving products is simple. Start with a deep domain expertise and understanding of the problem, and add technological know how and smart working methods - truly disruptive products must have both.
That's why we only ever productise our technologies when the time is right, when we've embedded ourselves within an operation and understood the finer details of a problem. That way, we build products that solve all of the problem, not just part of it.
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Satalia SolveEngine
The SolveEngine aggregates thousands of optimisation algorithms and uses machine learning to select the best one to solve your problem.
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Satalia Delivery
We combine deep optimisation expertise with an intimate knowledge of home delivery to provide a powerful scheduling tool that will save your business time and money.
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