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Experts in enterprise AI

Satalia’s founder and CEO, Dr Daniel Hulme, has over two decades of experience researching and implementing AI systems. Satalia’s co-founders include Dr Alastair Moore, an expert in Machine Learning and Innovation, and Professor Anthony Finkelstein, who is the Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security to the HM Government. For over a decade, Satalia has built machine learning and optimisation into adaptive, scalable AI systems.

We have grown organically to 140+ people, distributed across the globe. We are one of a handful of companies that truly understand AI, and regularly keynote on AI and its impact on humanity.

Satalia leverages its unique talent and proprietary technologies to build innovations for some of the world’s largest organisations, including Tesco and PwC.

Satalia is a thought-leader in AI, pioneering the future of work by combining technology with organisational psychology to create swarm-like organisations.

We are purpose driven, and want to work with clients, partners and associates to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing humanity.

We augment our expertise through alliances with leading organisations across the professional services, retail and technology sectors.



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We build technologies that radically improve the operational efficiency, customer and employee satisfaction of our clients. We do this through product development and bespoke AI services.


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We're using technology, and concepts like organisational swarms and decentralisation to redesign how organisations operate. Using ourselves as a testbed, we're building the foundations for a new, more effective organisational structure that anyone can use.


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Through efficient automation and the effective use of resources, we'll enable ourselves and others to build a society with abundant healthcare, education, nutrition and shelter. We aspire to make goods and services so accessible that they become free to consume.


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Through the creation of an efficient, effective and automated society, where our basic needs are met, we’ll provide everyone with the freedom to pursue what is meaningful to them.

We're co-funding a project with the European Union to build a routing product that optimises same-day deliveries.

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