Applied Artificial Intelligence

We build full stack AI solutions for the world's best known
companies and solve industries' hardest problems by
combining machine learning technologies with
our optimisation-as-a-service platform.
‘We’re building a long term relationship with Satalia, and it’s having a huge impact on our business — both on our costs and our customer experience.’
Russell Harte
Director of Technology, DFS

Applied Artificial Intelligence

We adopt agile methodologies and unique ways of working to apply cutting edge AI to industries' hardest efficiency problems, optimising the allocation of our clients' resources.
Our way of working
We work together with our clients' teams as a single coordinated unit. Emphasis on collaboration allows us to scope, prototype, test and implement best in class data-driven systems.
Cutting edge AI
Our world class talent is expert in harnessing the best of emerging technologies from academia and applying it to deliver cutting edge AI applications.

Data Science and Machine Learning

We use data science and machine learning to find patterns and extract insights that radically improve organisational decision making.
Unearth the Unknowns
We conduct exploratory data science to unearth the unknown unknowns - extracting previously hidden value from your organisations data.
Data Science
We explore your greatest organisational challenges, and apply machine learning, natural language processing, clustering and other novel data science techniques to solve them in a data driven way.

Satalia SolveEngine

Our cloud based SolveEngine is a marketplace of 1000s of best in class optimisation algorithms. This proprietary algorithmic technology powers the optimisation component of many of our custom made system developments. It's constantly updated and always improving, future proofing our AI solutions.
Machine learning
The SolveEngine uses machine learning to identify which algorithm is best suited to solve any particular problem.
Simple API
Submit problems to the SolveEngine through its simple RESTful API and receive your results in a standardised JSON response.
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Satalia Delivery

Our delivery engine produces optimal schedules for any fleet of vehicles, and offers more delivery slots to customers. It powers the deliveries of many of the worlds' largest retailers.
Efficient deliveries
Our algorithmically generated schedules enables our clients to deliver more orders whilst using less resources - driving economical, environmental and customer value.
Delivery at scale
Our system is hosted in the cloud, and is designed to cope with any number of deliveries and collections.

Our Expertise


AI-fueled vehicle routing and scheduling

Dynamic optimisation

Schedules are re-optimised every time a new order is generated - ensuring vehicles always operate at maximum capacity. No wasted resources, no disappointed customers

Offer more slots

Maximises the number of time slots that can offered to customers, and enables organisations to offer shorter time windows


AI-fueled infrastructure planning

Data analysis

Our solutions collect, process and layer data sets to predict and visualise the demand for infrastructure in various locations, environment or business functions

Operational efficiency

Our systems optimise the placement of physical infrastructure, reducing investments costs and maximising operational effectiveness


AI-fueled workforce scheduling

Happier, more productive workforce

Our systems schedule staff to maximise happiness, reduce administration and better meet demand

Decentralised Global Working

We're based out of London, but also operate out of Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, China, Germany and America, with more locations on the horizon. It makes for an interesting worldview, and, importantly, frees us to find and work with the best talent wherever they decide to call home.

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We are always looking for people to join Satalia. If you like the sound of working in a self-managed environment and flexing your experience on hard problems, send us an email.
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