Problems We Solve

We provide optimisation solutions for a range of vehicle routing problems and inefficiencies across industries.
We enable companies to efficiently schedule staff and resources with preferences and constraints taken care of.
We allow companies to make optimal resource planning decisions using advanced analytics, modelling and algorithms.
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Case Studies

Vehicle routing

We are currently working with one of the UK's largest retailers building an end-to-end step-change routing solution.

The current target of this solution is a 3% efficiency gain, which equates to approximately £10 million in annual savings.

Staff scheduling

We developed a demand-based staff scheduling solution in partnership with LeanTAAS for over 80 bars and restaurants for a global entertainment group based in the USA.

Payback was acheived in three months and the company estimates that the resource saving is around 20% (approximately $60 000 a week)


We created sophisticated visualisations from multiple data sets to map customer distribution at any given time. This allowed the client to make planning decisions regarding new telecommunications mastheads.

The solution cut 20% from investment costs and vastly improved the customer experience.

Our People

We are made up of a team of computer science gurus, mathematical extraordinaries and business specialists, all backed up by powerful commercial, academic and in-house developed technologies.

Our strong established links with world-class academic and industry partners, help us to deliver previously unattainable value for our clients through solving problems from a unique Satalia perspective.


Satalia is dedicated to building disruptive solutions for the hardest business problems. We are bringing the latest scientific innovations into industry, and we're building the future of AI.

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