AI Strategy

Executive AI education and strategy

AI for this. AI for that. AI for everything, apparently. Most of it is nonsense. Snake oil. A buzzword used by startups to prop up their valuations. Organisations are increasingly sceptical of its impact and confused about what to do about it. We work with leadership teams to cut through the noise, developing AI strategies that align with their objectives. Then we advise on the right technologies, partners and talent they'll need to execute.

We’ve worked with the following brands to cut through the noise, developing AI strategies that align with their objectives.

Engagement process


Through company-wide keynotes, and workshops with key stakeholders, we get everyone on the same page about AI, what it is and how it could be applied to your business.


We meet with teams across your organisation to understand their challenges and identify where technology could help. We prioritise these opportunities with senior management to ensure they align with strategic objectives.


We produce a report which outlines your AI strategy, advising on the technology, procurement, talent, partnerships and other key initiatives you’ll need to deliver. We meet with you to discuss the details, and plan any future engagements.

We'll come and do our talk for free to a group of your choosing, big or small, online or in-person. We've done hundreds over the years, and we promise you won't regret it.

It will get you and your team on the same page about AI, and spark some thought as to how it could be used in your business. After the talk, we will discuss some of your key challenges, and think about how we could work together.

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