Custom AI

Custom-made enterprise AI solutions

We rapidly scope, prototype and productionise enterprise AI solutions. Most organisations have the same set of challenges. Improve efficiency. Reduce costs. Sell more. Price better. Stop churn. Retain talent.

We use machine learning and optimisation to build technologies that transform the organisations we work with.


  • Sales forecasting
  • Predictive maintanence
  • Demand forecasting
  • Employee skills profiling


  • Warehouse optimisation
  • Workforce optimisation
  • Route optimisation
  • Packaging optimisation


  • Stock replinishment
  • Chat bots
  • Call centre optimisation
  • Fraud detection


  • Sales driver analysis
  • Customer churn analysis
  • Price optimisation
  • Customer segmentation

All of our custom developments are built upon a combination of our core underlying technologies, backed by decades of academic research and tailored to suit your exact needs.

Satalia SolveEngine

We were the first company to provide optimisation-as-a-service, powered by AI. We harness thousands of academic algorithms to ensure the best optimisation technologies are being used to solve industries hardest problems.

Satalia RoutingEngine

The Satalia Routing Engine is capable of generating thousands of point-to-point routes in a fraction of a second. It is a cornerstone of our logistics and workforce products, which operate across a range of transport modes.

Satalia NetworkEngine

The Satalia NetworkEngine can perform a variety of network and people analysis to understand skills, behaviours and relationships, grounded in organisational psychology research.

Satalia TaskEngine

All of Satalia's engines run on the cloud, and are orchestrated by the Satalia TaskEngine. This ensures that the right algorithms are being used to solve the right problems with the optimal amount of resources.

Satalia DemandEngine

Demand prediction is becoming more difficult in a rapidly changing world. The Satalia DemandEngine uses a portfolio of algorithms and data sources to predict future demand from the past and present.

Engagement process


We work with you to understand your business and its challenges. And then we explore, identify and prioritise the solutions that would add the most value.


We work with various stakeholders to understand the exact requirements of the solution. We plan the proof of concept, get to grips with your data, align on working methods and propose a way forward.


We build a low-cost thinned down version of the solution to prove future value and minimise upfront risk. We test against predetermined metrics, make suitable changes and plan for the next phase.


We build a robust, production-grade system and work with you to deploy it across your business. We focus on measurement, continuous improvement and employee training.

Case studies

Client | DS Smith

DS Smith

Client | Odeon


Client | Gigaclear
Internet service provider