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Enterprise Workforce Optimisation. Solved at Scale.

People are our greatest asset. Unlock their full potential with artificial intelligence. There are more ways of allocating 60 employees to 60 projects than there are atoms in our universe. Real-world constraints, such as employee preferences, skills and location only make this problem harder. Manual approaches don't work. Neither does shoe-horning generic products into vastly different organisations.

Dynamically optimise the allocation of your people, at scale and on demand. It's used and celebrated by a global accountancy firm, whose people are its business.

Improved profitability.

4% increase in productivity

Fulfil more demand and increase billable hours by better utilising your greatest asset.

Employee satisfaction.

14% reduction in travel time

Reduce unnecessary travel, cater for employee preferences and have more diverse teams.

Happier customers.

5% reduction in staff handover

Make your customers' lives easier and better by always having the right person for the job. And by improving continuity in your client teams.

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We build custom machine learning modules that enhance data quality, and provide actionable insights into your workforce and its effectiveness.

Skills Profiling

Uses state-of-the-art network analysis techniques to truly understand the skills and capabilities of the workforce.

Demand Forecasting

Uses machine learning to predict demand and produce better schedules, improving the effectiveness of your people.

P2P Decision Making

Introduce cutting-edge peer-to-peer techniques to decentralise and distribute information.

Shift Pattern Analysis

Predicts shift patterns that better match supply with demand. Improves employee effectiveness and satisfaction.

Social Network Analysis

Understand your people, their relationship and behaviors, using world leading organisational psychology.

Diversity and Inclusion

Use network analysis to ensure your meeting your diversity and inclusion target, and maximizing the effectiveness of your teams.

How it works?

We use agile methodologies, and work with you throughout to fine-tune the product to ensure peak performance.

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Scope and model

We scope your objectives, constraints, architecture, data and security requirements. Then we create a mathematical representation of your exact problem.

Optimisation development

We implement the initial optimisation model using sample data. We compare our schedules against your historical ones, and evaluate against key metrics.

Pilot and productionise

We run a pilot on a small, subset of your business. We start integrating the system with your existing data sources.

Full rollout

We make any required changes, and start rolling out across the business, monitoring throughout to ensure a smooth rollout.

Case studies

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DFS / Workforce

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