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Daniel Hulme
Daniel Hulme

What do we pay?

Posted on 4 November 2016

Here is how we set starting salaries for employees, along with a few guidelines about our student engagements.

Pay setting and review process

  • Your starting salary is set according to a basic scale – we have to start somewhere.
  • You will have access to everyone else’s salary.
  • At end of a 30 week Beta period, your salary is reviewed by your peers. These are the people you have interacted with most closely during your probation.
  • Salaries are also reviewed by peers annually at end of June.

Guiding policy for remuneration

  • We think we pay competitively when benchmarked against the best in our industry.
  • After your Beta period, salaries at Satalia should reflect peer evaluated contribution, not age, role, experience or qualifications.
  • Your contribution is evaluated by your peers personal experiences, a range of objective data and and a higher than average level of open information.

Student engagements

  • We call the students who work with us Alphas.
  • Dissertation projects, module projects and self learning projects are unpaid.
  • Students accepted for paid internships will be paid according to our Full Time Equivalent salary scale below, which is based on their current level of academic study.
  • Students can work full time during the spring and summer holiday period and for a maximum of 20 hours per week at all other times.

Starting salary scale

Experience Full Time Equivalent Salary 
1 1st year Undergraduate £18,000
2 2nd year Undergraduate £21,000
3 3rd year Undergraduate £24,000
4 4th year Undergraduate £27,000
5 Masters (still enrolled) £30,000
6 3 years Bachelors Graduate £33,000
7 4 years Bachelors Graduate £36,000
8 Masters Graduate £39,000
9 Early stage PhD / Two Masters £42,000
10 Late stage PhD / Three Masters £45,000
11 PhD Graduate (3 years) £48,000
12 One Postdoc (or extended PhD) £51,000
13 Two Postdocs £54,000
14 Three Postdocs £57,000
15 Four Postdocs £60,000


Relevant Industry Experience per Full Time Year 2000
Satalia Experience per Full Time Year (including internships) 3000

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